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October 05, 2015 07:40am
Tropical Storm Oho Not Expected to Become Hurricane
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TAG: Maunakea telescope
July 27, 2017

UPDATE:TMT Permit Approved by Hearing Officer

Former Circuit Court Judge Riki May Amano recommended that the Thirty Meter Telescope project be allowed to proceed atop Maunakea on the Big Island.
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July 03, 2017

Office of Maunakea Management Receives Preservation Award

Office of Maunakea Management was honored with a culture and heritage award for its preservation initiatives.
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May 08, 2017

UPDATE: Graffiti Mars Historic Maunakea Ice Age Reserve Rocks

At mid-morning on Friday, April 28, graffiti was found painted on rocks within the Mauna Kea Ice Age NAR.
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April 03, 2017

Maunakea Stargazing Program Moves to Four Nights a Week

The free stargazing program at the Maunakea Visitor Information Station on the Big Island will be reduced from seven to four nights a week starting on April 17.
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March 29, 2017

Subaru Telescope Detects Shadow of Gas Cloud in Ancient Proto-Supercluster

The Suprime-Cam on the Subaru Telescope has been used to create the most-extensive map of neutral hydrogen gas in the early universe.
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March 08, 2017

NASA Study: Possible Change in Lovejoy’s Water ‘Fingerprint’

A trip past the sun may have selectively altered the production of one form of water in a comet—an effect not seen by astronomers before...
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January 29, 2017

TMT Hearing: Does the Project Meet the Eight Criteria?

There are eight criteria the Department of Land and Natural Resources must evaluate before allowing construction on a conservation district, such as Mauna Kea.
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January 26, 2017

Maunakea Telescopes Measure Expansion of the Universe

The data from the Subaru Telescope played a major role in these findings.
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September 16, 2016

Maunakea Skies: Recent Discoveries & Future Promise

Dr. Richard Green will discuss the UKIRT telescope’s use of infrared radiation and its promising plans for the future.
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August 10, 2016

Maunakea Skies: Future of UH Hilo Astronomy Program

Dr. Marianne Takamiya will present an update on developments in UH Hilo’s astronomy program at ‘Imiloa’s Maunakea Skies talk on Aug. 19 at 7 p.m.
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August 03, 2016

Poll: Hawai‘i Islanders Support TMT 2–1

The results of a new scientific poll show that Hawai‘i Island residents support the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope by a nearly 2-to-1 margin.
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