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October 05, 2015 07:40am
Tropical Storm Oho Not Expected to Become Hurricane
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TAG: Big Island Now Letter to the Editor
August 04, 2017

LETTER: HMSA and Primary Care Physicians

A good Primary Care Provider is an invaluable asset to your health. Yet somewhere along the way, that value has come into question.
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June 12, 2017

LETTER: Issues with Mayor Kim’s Administration

Mayor Harry Kim’s administration has been in office roughly six months. The way I’ve been treated over this period of time has been nothing short of abysmal, and made me very discouraged about interacting with his administration about transportation issues. It isn’t very appealing to get a phone call from the mayor directly, who proceeds... Read more »
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February 08, 2017

LETTER: Hawai‘i Could Be a Sanctuary to Trump’s Immigration Ban

"We have the opportunity here to make a statement about our longstanding values of inclusion, aloha and respect for all."
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April 20, 2016

LETTER: Support Bill 165 GET Tax Increase

"I support proposed Bill 165, which would increase the state general excise tax ½% in Hawaii County. This additional funding would be used to fund transportation projects on the Big Island." - Aaron Stene
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February 08, 2016

LETTER: ‘Utterly Shocked’ at TMT Opponents’ Acquittal

"I’m utterly shocked that Judge Barbara Takase acquitted several Thirty Meter Telescope protesters of obstruction," Aaron Stene.
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July 13, 2015

LETTER: Protecting Mauna a Wakea

"Illegal and unconstitutional State action is a far greater threat to the community than rocks in the road."
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June 26, 2015

LETTER: Thirty Meter Telescope Protests

"The governor's proposed changes to the stewardship of Mauna Kea offended both the protesters and the individuals who've helped preserve this sensitive area."
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