Public Invited to Comment on HECs’ Roadmap for Electric Vehicles

June 13, 2018, 12:29 PM HST (Updated June 13, 2018, 12:29 PM)

The Hawai‘i Public Utilities Commission has requested that the Hawaiian Electric Companies file their Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap (“EoT Roadmap”) with the Commission. The EoT Roadmap describes the HECO Companies’ strategy to support a transition of Hawai‘i’s ground transportation system from fossil-fuel dependence to one based on an abundance of renewable energy.

Electrification of transportation may provide significant opportunities and benefits for Hawai‘i residents and businesses. Smartly designed and implemented, a Hawai‘i-specific EoT strategy will complement the State’s existing energy policy goals, driving greater cleanenergy impacts, and enhanced customer value. The Commission intends to ensure that the EoT Roadmap is given sufficient review with participation from key stakeholders and the general public.

The EoT Roadmap outlines several initiatives which aim to accelerate electric vehicle adoption in Hawai’i. Electrification of transportation, including the HECO Companies’ potential role and efforts related to electrification of transportation, are subjects that may be of considerable interest to the general public; county, state, and federal entities; and a variety of other stakeholders. The Commission invites all interested parties to submit public comments regarding the HECO Companies’ EoT Roadmap. The Commission has opened Docket No. 2018-0135 to serve as a repository for the EoT Roadmap and any comments from the public.

A copy of the HECO Companies’ Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap isavailable to view online through the HECO Companies’ website at: 03_eot_roadmap.pdf. The HECO Companies’ Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap will also be filed in Docket No. 2018-0135 and will be available to view on the Commission’s Document Management System at:

Written comments on the Electrification of Transportation Strategic Roadmap may be sent by electronic mail to or mailed to the Commission at:

Public Utilities Commission
465 South King Street, Room 103 Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813

All written comments should reference Docket No. 2018-0135, and include the commenter’sname and the entity or organization the commenter represents. The Commission will review and consider any written comments that are received by the close of business on July 16, 2018.



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