May 01, 2018 Surf Forecast

May 1, 2018, 1:00 AM HST (Updated May 1, 2018, 1:00 AM)

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Swell Summary

Outlook through Monday May 07: The current north-northwest swell will slowly drop through the first half of the week. A reinforcement out of the south-southwest is expected by midweek.
Surf heights are forecast heights of the face, or front, of waves. The surf forecast is based on the significant wave height, the average height of the one third largest waves, at the locations of the largest breakers. Some waves may be more than twice as high as the significant wave height. Expect to encounter rip currents in or near any surf zone.


North East

am        pm  

Surf: Chest to shoulder high mix of NNW medium period swell and ESE medium period swell for the morning with occasional head sets. This fades to stomach to shoulder high in the afternoon.


Conditions: Semi glassy/semi bumpy with NNW winds less than 5mph in the morning shifting NE for the afternoon.

North West

am        pm  

Surf: Ankle to knee high SSW ground swell.

Conditions: Clean in the morning with SSE winds less than 5mph. Semi choppy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting WSW 5-10mph.


am        pm  

Surf: Knee to waist high SSW ground swell.

Conditions: Semi glassy/semi bumpy in the morning with S winds less than 5mph. Bumpy/semi bumpy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting SSW 5-10mph.

South East

am        pm  

Surf: Waist to chest high ESE medium period swell.

Conditions: Fairly clean in the morning with N winds 5-10mph. Light sideshore texture conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting NNE 10-15mph.

Image: NOAA

Image: NOAA

Image: NOAA

Image: NOAA

Image: NOAA

**Click directly on the images below to make them larger. Charts include: Hawaii County projected winds, tides, swell direction & period and expected wave heights.**


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