Hawai‘i to Challenge ‘Travel Ban 3.0’

October 6, 2017, 9:32 AM HST (Updated October 6, 2017, 9:32 AM)

Hawai‘i filed supplemental briefing with the United States Supreme Court today regarding the Hawaii v. Trump litigation.

Shortly after filing that supplemental briefing, Hawai‘i notified the U.S. Supreme Court that it intends to seek leave from the Hawai‘i federal district court to file an amended complaint challenging the lawfulness of the third travel ban.

“Hawai‘i fought the first and second travel bans because they were illegal and unconstitutional efforts to implement the president’s Muslim ban,” said Attorney General Doug Chin. “Unfortunately, the third travel ban is more of the same. This new ban still discriminates on the basis of nationality, it still exceeds the president’s legal authority, and it still seeks to implement his Muslim ban. Simply adding an obvious target like North Korea to the list and banning travel by some government officials from Venezuela does nothing to disguise this. And—unlike the first two versions—Travel Ban 3.0 has no end date.”

Download Hawai‘i’s supplemental brief filed with the Supreme Court and its letter to the Supreme Court clerk.



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