East Hawai‘i Residents Asked to Cut Back 10% on Water Use

August 11, 2017, 3:42 PM HST (Updated August 11, 2017, 3:44 PM)

Due to the ongoing dry conditions, the Hawai‘i County Department of Water Supply requests that customers in Hakalau-Wailea, South Hilo, Hawai‘i Ninole and North Hilo reduce their daily water usage by 10%.

Listed are some ways to conserve water tor each the 10% goal:

  1. Wash only full loads of laundry or dishes at a time.
  2. Check faucets and pipes for leaks.
  3. Serve drinking water only when requested.
  4. Keep a container of drinking water in the refrigerator. Use drinking water wisely.
  5. Do not let water run unnecessarily. Shut the water off when you wash or brush your
    teeth. Use a glass to rinse when brushing your teeth.
  6. When bathing or showering, use water only to wet and rinse off.
  7. Do not fill up the bathtub.
  8. Do not flush toilets unnecessarily.
  9. Review and reduce the frequency of irrigation schedule by adjusting timers appropriately.
  10. All irrigation and agricultural users should keep water usage to a minimum. Irrigate only at night from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. This measure will reduce water loss due to evaporation, and minimize water system usage during peak demand.

For more information, contact the DWS at (808) 961-8790 or (808) 961-8060 during norma business hours or go online.



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