Hilo Author Publishes Award-winning Murder Mystery

June 4, 2017, 2:37 PM HST (Updated June 12, 2017, 2:43 PM)

Image courtesy of Promontory Publishing.

A Hilo resident now has an award-winning book for sale. Local author Scott D. Smith’s murder mystery, “Guilty Deeds,” is available now at, and will be released in bookstores on Tuesday, June 6.

The book, published by Promontory Press, received a 2015 CLUE Award as an unpublished manuscript.

The story’s narrative follows an ex-soldier named Robert Grayson who is haunted by gruesome combat memories and now, the brutal killings of more than a dozen women. Overcome by guilt, Grayson turns himself into the authorities to confess the details of the serial murders.

However, Detective Stephanie Monroe suspects something is not right. Despite the killer’s detailed confessions, the facts don’t quite add up. To prove her hunch and save Grayson, Monroe will have to catch the real killer–if he exists.

“In ‘Guilty Deeds,’ author Scott D. Smith has woven a tale of unreliable memories, twisted loyalties, murder and the puppet master who always seems two steps ahead,” says award-winning author and seasoned crime journalist Leif M. Wright. “It effortlessly combines bravado, terror, confusion and the sheer determination of the heroes. A rewarding and exciting page-turner.”

Smith is a married father of two children who spent the last 10 years teaching high school English. When not busy with family or correcting everyone’s grammar, he enjoys reading, hiking, lurking on the internet as @_scottwrites, and finding ways to avoid the gym. “Guilty Deeds” is Smith’s second novel.



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