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October 05, 2015 07:40am
Tropical Storm Oho Not Expected to Become Hurricane
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6th Annual Hawaiʻi Environmental Educational Symposium on Big Island

Posted May 16, 2017, 09:33 AM HST

The Hawaiʻi Environmental Education Alliance will host their 6th annual Environmental Education Symposium from June 8-10, at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

HEEA. Photo Courtesy

This will be the first time the conference will be held on Hawaiʻi Island.

The theme for this year’s symposium is “Hawaiʻi Environmental Education in a Changing Climate.” The conference will share the latest tools, resources, and guidance on how to integrate the key themes of resiliency, stewardship, and meaningful action into formal and informal educational efforts.

The three-day networking event brings together formal and non-formal educators, environmental education practitioners, conservationists, and resource managers.

The event will also feature workshops, concurrent sessions, field experiences, and a presentation by Dr. Chip Fletcher, Chairperson and Professor in the Department of Geology & Geophysics, UH Mānoa’s School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology.


There will be over 30 presentations from partners in environmental education including U’ilani Lima, who will teach about the Molokaʻi Digital Bus program, Anya Tagawa of the Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Jim Foley of NOAA and more.

The full list of presentations can be found here.

For more information on the symposium and to find the link to register, visit the website, or call (808) 283-1631 or email eesymposium@heea.org.


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Joanne Lorensen Bring your umbrellas lolMay 16, 2017 09:44am
Ric E Reed Great a free comedy show.......May 16, 2017 01:18pm
Donna Grabow Earth Day at Pohakuloa is questionable http://malu-aina.org/?p=4709 The complaint stems from Albertini calling the Connections school on Friday, May 12th seeking email addresses for teachers who took their students to the April 20, 2017 Earth Day events at Pohakuloa. Albertini said Officer Sugimoto informed him that the disorderly conduct complaint “was filed because my phone call caused the school to feel “alarmed.”” Albertini said he “did call the school and spoke with secretary Candy Alverado, not principal Thatcher, and explained his concern to get information to teachers and parents of students about the dangers of inhaling Depleted Uranium (DU) oxide dust particles possibly being dispersed by heavy artillery live fire which was taking place at Pohakuloa on April 20th.” Albertini said “Ms. Alverado was very pleasant and gave me the email addresses of two teachers plus the bus driver who went to Pohakuloa Earth Day events.” Albertini said “the following morning, on Saturday, May 13th I sent an email to the three Connections employees.” (See the email below.)Albertini said “I hope the Connections two teachers and bus driver shared the email with the school principal and secretary, as well as the parents whose children visited Pohakuloa. The email includes more than 3 times background radiation readings, up to 74 counts per minute, our organization recorded outside the Pohakuloa main gate on April 20th and a link to a short video by Hawaii Dr. Lorrin Pang, MD explaining the dangers of inhaling Depleted Uranium dust.” Albertini also said in the email that he “offered to try and arrange a meeting between the teachers, parents and Dr. Pang if so desired for further information on the health dangers of inhaling DU oxide particles.”Albertini said “my phone call and email to Connections, and other schools, who took students to Pohakuloa Earth Day events was to share concern for the health and safety of the children.” Albertini said “I acknowledge that learning about the dangers of inhaling Depleted Uranium oxide dust particles may be “alarming” but it hardly merits a “Disorderly Conduct” complaint against the messenger whose concern is the health and safety of people, especially the hundreds of students at Pohakuloa Earth Day events while heavy live fire was taking place.” Albertini said an April 21st article in West Hawaii Today mentioned students from St. Joseph School, Kaumana Elementary, and Honoka’a High School also attending Pohakuloa Earth Day events on April 20th. Perhaps there were other schools as well. The military said over 300 attended.Albertini said “I would be glad to do ho’oponopono with Connections Principal Thatcher and Secretary Alverado if they would be willing. I believe strongly in the principles of Kapu Aloha and nonviolence where the means we use must be in line with the end that we seek. If we truly want peace, we must be firmly committed to using peaceful means and treat all people with aloha and respect. "May 16, 2017 02:52pm

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