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ACLU Hawaiʻi Issues Texas Travel Advisory

Posted May 9, 2017, 05:35 PM HST

The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaiʻi issued a travel alert today informing any Hawaiʻi residents planning to travel to Texas in the near future to “anticipate the possible violation of their constitutional rights when stopped by law enforcement.”

Big Island Now stock photo.

The alert comes amid the passing of a Texas law known as SB4. The law gives a green light to police officers in the state to investigate a person’s immigration status during a routine traffic stop. ACLU Hawaiʻi claims this will “lead to widespread racial profiling, baseless scrutiny, and illegal arrests of citizens and non-citizens alike presumed to be ‘foreign’ based on how they look or sound.”

The travel alert applies to all travelers to Texas, including US travelers from other states and US citizens. In addition, the ACLU advises that this alert applies to all encounters with federal, state, and county law enforcement including local police and sheriffs.

“The ACLU’s goal is to protect all Texans and all people traveling through Texas — regardless of their immigration status — from illegal harassment by law enforcement. Texas is a state with deep Mexican roots and home to immigrants from all walks of life,” said Lorella Praeli, ACLU director of immigration policy and campaigns.

She continued saying, “Many of us fit the racial profile that the police in Texas will use to enforce,” what she called, “Trump’s draconian deportation force.”

SB4 requires Texas law enforcement to comply with the federal government’s constitutionally flawed use of detainer requests, which ask local law enforcement to hold people for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, even when they lack the legal authority to do so.

“Hawaiʻi residents traveling to Texas need to be prepared for illegal harassment and racial profiling by local authorities when they get there,” said Mateo Caballero, legal director of the ACLU of Hawaiʻi warned.


“Hawaiʻi is the most diverse state in the US and we pride ourselves on the multitude of cultures represented on our islands. It is a sad day when we feel it necessary to advise our residents that it is precisely that diversity that makes them vulnerable to racial profiling and constitutional violations if they travel to Texas,” said Caballero.

Between 2008 and 2012, ICE requested local law enforcement to hold 834 US citizens, some of whom the ACLU states, “subsequently spent days in jail as a result.” Under SB4, the state of Texas is placing the rights of its residents, including U.S. citizens, in extreme jeopardy.

“At a time when some state lawmakers on the continent are turning their backs on their own residents with racist and hateful laws such as SB4, we encourage Hawaii’s local and state leaders to reaffirm their commitment to inclusion and aloha by refusing to play accomplice to the Trump administration’s unconstitutional immigration agenda. SB4 and similar policies targeting immigrants simply do not reflect Hawaii’s core values,” said Caballero.

Praeli said, “Everyone has constitutional rights in this country. The state of Texas, and every law enforcement officer, must respect those rights. The ACLU stands ready to safeguard those freedoms against those who seek to diminish them.”

ACLU National and other local ACLU affiliates also issued a Texas travel alert for areas including: California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaiʻi, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Pennsylvania.

SB4 will go into effect on Sept. 1, 2017; however, the ACLU has expressed concerned that “some law enforcement officers may begin to treat residents and travelers unfairly now.”


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Byron Matthews What horseshit. They're looking for illegal aliens, why the hell would hawaii residents need to worry?May 09, 2017 05:40pm
Marshall Tharpe Laura Alley Tharpe. Good thing Shayla Stewart Tharpe looks like an American at least.May 09, 2017 05:40pm
Cathy Mathis Jesus... reallyMay 09, 2017 05:42pm
Gregg Durkin What bullshit Maybe bring your drivers license if you're driving?? Hello?May 09, 2017 05:44pm
Annette N Ryan Reyes Because Hawaiians are mistaken for Mexicans in the mainland.May 09, 2017 05:45pm
Teri Giordano Vollero Oh, get a f#*king Grip! We were in Texas a few months ago, ran into several Hawaiian families, no one had issues. We asked how they liked it there, and all had positive things to say...especially about cost of living.May 09, 2017 05:47pm
David Weber Pure bullshit !!! Stop your fake news for God sake !!!May 09, 2017 05:51pm
Rusty Borders What a bunch of bullshit. Slow news day?May 09, 2017 05:54pm
Tom Barnes Fear-monger much?May 09, 2017 05:54pm
Megrez Mraz Anyone brown is a Mexican. Any other conclusion would take far too much logic.May 09, 2017 05:56pm
Allen Gossard Oh wait Texas signs a law no safe zones for ILLEGALS and now you say thisMay 09, 2017 05:56pm
Teddy Viv you have got to be kidding!!!!May 09, 2017 06:02pm
Julie Davis lol seriously? SMHMay 09, 2017 06:02pm
Teddy Viv i call bsMay 09, 2017 06:02pm
David Weber Why the heck do you (BigIslandNow.com) want to create hatred ??? I love Hawaii, I love Texas !!! I love America !! This is nothing but trying to divide us when we should be brothers and sisters together !! Please stop trying to divide us when we are ohana !! You should be ashamed. I use to respect you but unfortunately you have lost that when you divide us !!!May 09, 2017 06:02pm
Matthew Ua Been there done that! Flashed my Hawaii drivers license and it was all good. Stop making everyone scared you bunch of snowflake scrubs!May 09, 2017 06:04pm
David Weber They are trying to create "fake news". They are trying to divide , shame on them!!!!May 09, 2017 06:05pm
Matthew Ua You folks are frickn stupidMay 09, 2017 06:05pm
Kahiwa-Sumida Aki 😡May 09, 2017 06:06pm
Jerry Ashburn Please cite specific instances where this has occurred otherwise it's just stupid to say this is news. .May 09, 2017 06:06pm
Dan Citron Hahahahahahahahaha.....you know there are cacuasian residents of Hawaii as well. Stop profiling in your own state!May 09, 2017 06:07pm
John Jones Oh hell give me a break..May 09, 2017 06:09pm
Eric Staley More fake news being spread. Such 💩!!!!May 09, 2017 06:13pm
Teri Giordano Vollero I have never mistaken a Hawaiian for anyone else on the mainland, ever. Went to an education seminar in New London, Connecticut (lots of Hispanics in Connecticut, btw). Sat next to a principal I had never met before, from another part of the state. The minute she started talking to me, I asked her if she was from Hawaii. She laughed so hard and said, "Is it that obvious?"May 09, 2017 06:14pm
Laura Alley Tharpe She is also not here illegally.....May 09, 2017 06:14pm
Fellowes Dell Red flag waver. Say you just can't live that negative wayMay 09, 2017 06:17pm
Denise Lint They just signed legislation that anybody can be stopped and asked for papers. Carry something with you. Be safe.May 09, 2017 06:17pm
Carmen Agustin Thank you the news people play s big role in spreading hate thank you good for you to tell it like it is Mahalo I'm from HiloMay 09, 2017 06:19pm
Jimmy Garrison This story is some fear mongering bullshit, and no U.S. citizen need be concerned regardless of race. Although, if your an alien here in the US illegally, without permission, in violation of immigration law, don't go to Texas. In fact, maybe apply for citizenship like every other legal immigrant did then enjoy a trip to Texas, or any other US state without the possibility of deportation.May 09, 2017 06:19pm
Gersh Holton Bwahahahahaha. That's such bullshit !!!!!! LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣May 09, 2017 06:20pm
Gersh Holton Shut your boto hole racistMay 09, 2017 06:21pm
Gersh Holton ExactlyMay 09, 2017 06:21pm
Gersh Holton Why the angry face ?May 09, 2017 06:21pm
Denise Lint Takes effect September 1..ACLU of Texas also has warningsMay 09, 2017 06:22pm
Dawn Parr It will happen.. Your skin is darker.. Mark my word.. You don't have to spread hate.. It's in you! Warning .. You have been informedMay 09, 2017 06:24pm
Ronnie Campbell 💩💩💩 story Big Island News.May 09, 2017 06:24pm
Sonya Scicchitano Mark Carroll. ...Shall I worry about my brown Italiano 😂😂. ErEric ScicchitanoMay 09, 2017 06:25pm
Randy Fulp How stupid!! Seriously?? ACLU making fake news!😡May 09, 2017 06:25pm
James Man Hate mongers on this page, sad. Hawaii is just a political divider eager to create divide in us. Really really sad Hawaii politicians.May 09, 2017 06:26pm
Kahiwa-Sumida Aki PeopleMay 09, 2017 06:28pm
Liz Bach And mainland visitors NEVER get harassed on the BI 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂May 09, 2017 06:32pm
Nick Roschi Happened to my wife 5 years ago by Podunk folk in rural PA. Lame.May 09, 2017 06:41pm
Kirk G Roark I guess I better not go to Texas..hahaMay 09, 2017 06:49pm
David Weber And unfortunately some I consider my brothers and sisters see me as "Haole" in not a nice way. This does not diminish my aloha 'aine one bit but rather makes me dream of one day changing their mind. I dream of a time that Martin Luther King described where we will judge each other by the content of our character !!May 09, 2017 06:55pm
Vicky Chisholm So grateful to see the pushback against this ridiculous ACLU "advisory" as a person who lived in an illegal immigrant epicenter. Why do they pull this crap? How about helping the victims of all the crime organization our open borders create? How about we protect our borders like every other country is allowed to do? How about we allow immigrants that get in line and follow the rules in instead of drug/theft gangs, sex slave traffickers? It's absulute BS to think Texas Cops have time to harass Hawaiians when they have meth, murder, theft, extortion, money laundering to deal with. Really? Shame on them for constantly trying to divide us and create hate and mistrust.May 09, 2017 06:57pm
Megrez Mraz Gersh Holton, apparently you don't understand sarcasm at all idiot. In California, anyone who is brown and non Asian looking is typically assumed to be Mexican.May 09, 2017 06:58pm
Ian Seavey Wow. Just...wow. You should change your title to BigIslandAntifaNow.com. Let's be honest here, you're obviously pulling a hard left with this one.May 09, 2017 06:58pm
Joseph Gahan III I'll give you one but I do agree with everyone that this is b.s. but I have been stopped before not Texas but Arizona because I qoute" look like an mexican immigrant" at the Mexican border and I was sent to a questioning room where they continued to ask me what hospital I was born in and told them many times that I was born in Honolulu at kapiolani hospital then they all looked at me like that wasn't a real place.May 09, 2017 07:08pm
Les Miller Bee Esss!May 09, 2017 07:08pm
David Weber The B. I. is amazing. I love the B. I. Yes like everywhere you. will find some that hate but the VAST majority see what we have in common than what divides us. Perhaps I an naive but I prefer to see what unites us rather than what divides us.May 09, 2017 07:09pm
Dave Young You know the best thing about Texas? Not being there.May 09, 2017 07:09pm
Esther Zamora Kottke I think that this alert is trying to let local people know that because they are brown they may be caught up in extra scrutiny. I have heard many locals say that they were mistaken for Hispanic when they lived on the mainland. The point is that no one likes to be profiled because of their color. Getting stopped can be trouble and expensive as the additional scrutiny can lead to tickets (insurance, safety check, seatbelt etc) even if you prove that you are not an undocumented immigrant.May 09, 2017 07:09pm
Diane Cass Bull shite!!May 09, 2017 07:19pm
Vicky Chisholm Hawaiians look nothing like Hispanics, also they speak completely different. Believe me cops have better things to do.May 09, 2017 07:26pm
Lynn Marie Seabury DaSilva Sounds like the media is up to the same ol same ol playing patty cake for their political party.. trying to plant seeds of fear , hate and division with ACLU at the helm with the Democratic party..... Darn Extremists I tell you.. Time to stop your Partisan Psychotic Propaganda .. Good they are checking immigration statuses that means they are doing their jobs... GREAT that Texas did say they are following the LAWS that are already in existence for the protection of our nation and citizens.. And all that racial profiling stuff.. Ptt Give me a break.!! . I don't care what ethnic background you are of... "IF ONE IS NOT GUILTY AND IS HERE LEGALLY THEN ONE DOES NOT HAVE TO WORRY" (PLAIN AND SIMPLE) and it would be reassuring as a citizen to know that vetting is being done..- Thus why we have immigration laws and departments that enforce those laws...They are ENFORCERS of LAWS... .It's comforting and reassuring to know that THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOBS .. EVERYWHERE should be NO SAFE ZONE for illegals.. It's like why the heck do we have laws? The people /immigrants I respect are those who had respect for our nation and for our laws and the process and did everything by the book the "LEGAL" (DOCUMENTED) way and not the "ILLEGAL" (UNDOCUMENTED) way.... and the legal immigrants proudly became citizens the legal way .. There are laws established and enforced for reasons to protect us not only from terrorists, drugs , crimes but also for health reasons.. All this twisting and putting the two types of immigrants in one basket is INSULTING towards those immigrants who respected our laws and our nation and came in legally . .. We are a nation of immigrants who stand on a foundation of laws - we have great freedoms but we also have great responsibilities and consequences for our actions if we choose to disobey the laws and yes even those from different countries need to be held accountable when they are law breakers and or should of made it right at some point of time. #NoHuhuHawaiiansYouStayLegalMay 09, 2017 07:28pm
Gersh Holton Even the Samoans !!! Get real chick 🐥May 09, 2017 07:29pm
Rick Ramirez Dawn Parr. What the heck are you sayingMay 09, 2017 07:29pm
Rick Ramirez Stop trying to divide us you assholesMay 09, 2017 07:30pm
Rick Ramirez Ester. You are a snowflake IDIOTMay 09, 2017 07:33pm
Alan Harp GarbageMay 09, 2017 07:35pm
Rick Ramirez I do not give a damn if a policeman asks for my ID and proof of citizenship. I was born here in CaliforniaMay 09, 2017 07:36pm
Kahiwa-Sumida Aki Mahalo Lynn Marie Seabury DaSilva well put people are so Da kine 🤙May 09, 2017 07:45pm
John K Gaddis Never experienced that in Texas. I've been there well over ten times. People try to speak to me in Spanish sometimes but that's about it and I travel to the Deep South near the border. This article is attempting to be proactive without having any actual examples.May 09, 2017 07:52pm
David Austin Oh just SHUT UP:(!!!May 09, 2017 07:54pm
Vicky Chisholm MahaloMay 09, 2017 08:01pm
Megrez Mraz Been there? Then I guess you don't know.May 09, 2017 08:03pm
Chris Kawika This is soooo stupid. I've been to Texas twice and the people were super friendly. In fact when they found out I was from Hawaii, they were excited and amazed. Stop creating drama damn it .May 09, 2017 08:05pm
Ash Magallanes 😳 DDesiree Sanchezwhat is this crap?May 09, 2017 08:10pm
Jason Leone Have you lost your mind? Is this fake news? I wasn't born in Hawai'i, but I moved there from California. Grew up there as a white kid. Guess what? I was subjected to full-time racism for years while in Hawai'i. Constant racial bullshit because I was white. That was '80-'89. I learned a lot there and eventually fit in, after years of struggling. I have family in Texas, and have spent time there in the last two years. Guess what? Hawai'i locals have nothing to fear from Texans. Texans are warm and welcoming people. Proud people, like true Hawaiians. No problems man. So stop with this decisive fake news crap. Texans will treat locals from Hawai'i as Ohana (family). As for cops, we're impartial. We profile criminals, not race or gender. Too much liberal news bullshit has caused no merit drama in that regard.May 09, 2017 08:15pm
Dylan Crawford Trump supporter alert. 🚨 Like hey, racial profiling is cool. Let's just all sing kumbaya and give trump a chance.May 09, 2017 08:24pm
Suzanne Sullivan Jarvinen Stay away from Texas. Nothing there to go forMay 09, 2017 08:27pm
Christopher J Cooper LiesMay 09, 2017 08:28pm
Lynne Ven Airport Racial profiling.. pffft! I get that all the time, use to it..May 09, 2017 08:31pm
Eric Seabury As a former Hawai'i resident, born and raised, now living in Dallas, Texas, I can attest there is no racial profiling or harassment in Texas.This is just another sad attempt by members of the People's Republic of Hawai'i (The Democratic Party) playing divisive bullshit politics and scare tactics.Why don't you focus on real problems, like why does Hawai'i continue to suffer under a high cost of living, excessive taxes and regulations on businesses and personal lives, potholes in the road, no A/C in public school classrooms and why the "rail to nowhere" is over budgeted and under completed?Liberals...May 09, 2017 08:47pm
Donald Lee Peckinpaugh This gives a Whole New Meaning to 'Cut Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face!' Not Surprised! Lame Stream News Love To Continually create Division! Guess Liberal Socialist Nut Jobs think Soros is going to keep their Businesses Running! Even a Fool is thought Wise, when they keep their Mouth Shut!May 09, 2017 08:48pm
Nicole Keys Giving a heads up to people who aren't white by letting them know that they could be harassed by Texas police is a service. They're not spreading hate. The hate is there plain as day...always has been.May 09, 2017 08:54pm
Nicole Keys One instance doesn't mean it either won't happen or hasn't already happened in other areas. It never hurts to be aware.May 09, 2017 08:56pm
Mindy Knox Wat a bunch of stupid BS.May 09, 2017 08:59pm
Donald Klees Well, this is coming from the ACLU which most of us already know truly hate America and its laws. They once had a real purpose in this country. Now they are just a bunch of pond scum suckers in my opinion.May 09, 2017 09:12pm
Billy Suguitan I'm brown. I live in Texas. I've been profiled by "security guards" and neighbors that think I look "suspicious". All this before this new law.May 09, 2017 09:18pm
Roy Massey Yep ACLU always looking to stir stuff up.....sad!May 09, 2017 09:26pm
Melanie Mills Mann Been to Texas! Never had a worry! STOP SPREADING HATE!!!!!May 09, 2017 09:27pm
Billy Suguitan Last Friday I was harassed by a security guard at my wife's office. He saw me type in the outside door code, he knew I had a key and an alarm code. He banged on the door demanding I open it. My ID matched the name on the business. He still asked how long I would be and what I was doing.May 09, 2017 09:28pm
Tony Len And so then people from Texas better watch out when coming to Hawaii, going get cracksMay 09, 2017 09:38pm
Kaimana Zilonis Curtis Fon Allerton Leroy AllertonMay 09, 2017 09:41pm
Dawn Johansen Stop inciting division.May 09, 2017 10:01pm
Nick Higgins Perhaps the real answer is for Texas to stop engaging in the harassment on non whites rather than to castigate Big Island News for warning people about itMay 09, 2017 10:09pm
Jeana Jones This article needs to be taken down. :( Why would you even post such fear-mongering drivel?May 09, 2017 10:16pm
Debbie Wielt Fake News! I'm extremely surprised and disappointed with Big Island News for jumping on the hysteria bandwagon and dissing Texas. TEXAS IS GREAT! Just because they care about the safety and wellbeing of their citizens doesn't make it a "bad" state; it makes it a "good" place! If you've ever been to Texas then you know the folks there are kind, helpful and compassionate!May 09, 2017 10:19pm
Debbie Wielt It's part of a sinister plan? Nope, just more media lies to get people upset.May 09, 2017 10:25pm
Jenny Boyette One BIG assumption about Hawaii residents by the ACLU - that all Hawaii residents are brown. Born & raised here, and even part Hawaiian – yet I pulled the portuguese/german side.Terrible story about the ACLU trying to push the driving-while-brown agenda, and that all brown folks are assumed to be illegals. Bogus.Funny thing is, that in Hawaii most white folks are assumed to be foreigners.Something to think about.Something else to think about Houston PD has more minority police officers than white officers. So is the ACLU slamming those officers' ability to discern who is illegal and who isn't???http://www.hpou.org/chief-mcclelland-hpds-majority-minority-demographic-a-shock-to-most-houstonians/May 09, 2017 10:30pm
Shayla Stewart Tharpe Aw thanks babe 🤙🏾May 09, 2017 10:55pm
Kona Lyau Exactly Nicole this guy is mento lolMay 09, 2017 11:24pm
Peter Pahlsson Keep this up and your following, likes will diminish rapidly. Your skewed corrupt view will also hurt tourism big time.May 09, 2017 11:36pm
Michelle Lei Mitchell Racial profiling is everywhere. I don't believe this article....it's another stupid article trying to scare human beings. Write something more encouraging. I'm Hawaiian and I have never heard of such crap.May 10, 2017 12:04am
Michelle Lei Mitchell Texas has a heavy duty on them as far as illegals and drug activity. Everyday there are pounds of drugs that come in. Police and border police are being killed everyday. The US has a duty to protect our people and officers. This article portrays racial tactics toward Hawaiian people. Be more clear and accurate.May 10, 2017 12:04am
Donald Delatorre I live in Texas now and the ACLU guy is full of it. There is nothing like that going on here.May 10, 2017 01:09am
Mark Boyle Just like the ACLU to spread/start hate wherever they can. Laws were passed years ago and really implimented by your " hero" obummer . But you're finding a way to to lie and and give false blame and hatred towards our president , ignorant that's all just ignorant.May 10, 2017 01:12am
Donna Tharp Tipton Fake news. Texas is only asking status of citizenship if apprehended in a crime. As every state should doMay 10, 2017 01:22am
Becky Jones The ACLU are a bunch of idiots. Texas has over 1,200 miles of border that it shares with Mexico and untold numbers of illegal immigrants who are crossing that border daily to commit crimes (not all are criminally minded, but plenty are). If you speak perfect English and have valid ID, you have nothing to worry about. I can't tell you how many times I've been stopped in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona by the Border Patrol and as soon as I open my mouth they wave me on. Get a grip.May 10, 2017 01:44am
Esther Zamora Kottke Vicky Chisholm - I'm just sharing what my local friends told me. To you the difference may be obvious but they, more than one, did tell me that they were mistaken for Latino.May 10, 2017 02:56am
Linda Ward This is crazy and so not true!! This country is going to be irreconcilable if this made up news doesn't stop : (May 10, 2017 02:59am
Esther Zamora Kottke Rick Ramirez - Why are you name calling? I didn't say anything that was untrue.May 10, 2017 03:00am
Amy Fuiava Stout I've lived on the mainland for more than 40 yrs, born and raised on the big island! I get mistaken for being a white woman and I have to tell people that I'm Polynesian, Samoan, Hawaiian..... but I'm considered white because I don't hardly get color due to our geographical location in Wisconsin, we do not get enough sun so doctors are prescribing us high amounts of vitamin D. Long story short..... Mexicans, and Spanish folks from across the southern border do pass for Polynesians.....no joke, serious....they have jet black hair and dark tans and polynesians from Hawaii do look like folks from south of the Border of Texas......especially with the issues they're having w/ illegal aliens; Anymore that's protocol, I'd get bent if they pulled me over to check, but as long as you got your papers, to show who you are....be glad you not from the south. They looking for a lot of folks that are here illegally that's all.....and that's a job, I would not want! Aloha and Mahalo for Hearing me out! 🌺🌺May 10, 2017 03:08am
Rachael Tagoilelagi-passi I'm Hawaiian and have lived in Texas with my Polynesian family for the past 4 years. This story is completely false and believe me we have lived in various cities and counties in Texas. We also lived in Hawaii for 11 years and know that it is a die hard democratic state. So of course after Texas made the decision yesterday to not be a sanctuary state this warning is issued.May 10, 2017 03:17am
Greg McKee Big Island Now is a hate group - Fake News. Please do not spread the ACLU hate mongering to Hawaii.May 10, 2017 03:21am
Debbie Deibler That's ridicules. False false false........May 10, 2017 03:42am
Greg McKee Because simply enforcing the law is now racist and hateful . . . maybe you should just think about what you are falling for and spreading.May 10, 2017 03:43am
Eric Aguilar F the ACLU ! Cry baby's & trouble makers !May 10, 2017 03:51am
JB Junes 'ACLU Hawaiʻi Issues an 'EVERYBODY IS RACIST!' advisoryMay 10, 2017 04:18am
Judy Hashizaki InsaneMay 10, 2017 04:35am
Cathy Gioia Why would this be an issue if you have identification. Rabble rousing...May 10, 2017 04:54am
Edie Williams Over the years I have been mistaken frequently for a hispanic. It is now definitely a concern. I carry both my Hawaii ID and my CA ID just in case.May 10, 2017 04:54am
Greg Hoiem another attempt by ACLU to further hatred and discrimination and promoting twisted misinformation to confuse the general population. Sadly, enough people are stupid enough to actually believe this crap!May 10, 2017 05:15am
Brian Shivvers The aclu is spreading hatred as they always have. And spreading hate propaganda to devide us. Trump wants the illigals with records to be deported. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep our citizens safe from harm from within. Illigal aliens and the muslims coming to America do not have Americas best interist in there actions.May 10, 2017 05:22am
Christine Peterson Pike I have friends who left Texas, missed it so much, they moved back there within a year. You're right, the cost of living is low.May 10, 2017 05:33am
Kona Reeves ????????May 10, 2017 05:40am
Kona Reeves But keeping terrorists out of the USA is illegal !!!!!May 10, 2017 05:41am
Cindy Moran What year is this???May 10, 2017 06:34am
Katie Toomey They are just saying to expect that, a legitimate heads up for peopleMay 10, 2017 06:40am
Crystal Reed Keesha did you guys see this?May 10, 2017 06:55am
Michael Weis This is misleading and sensationalist. Hawaiian residents aren't going to be arrested for being Hawaiian residents. Texas has chosen to enforce a FEDERAL law that many states do not. U.S. citizens and legal non-residents have nothing to be concerned about. This is the kind of inflammatory nonsense that creates division. Stupid.May 10, 2017 07:07am
Race Cunningham Get a grip you fools! Creating fear & anger is your only goal with this silly articleMay 10, 2017 07:09am
Renee Ahuna Cabrinha This happens in UTAH, not Texas.May 10, 2017 07:20am
Gail Elizares Just trying to create more hatred, stop putting fear into people.May 10, 2017 07:24am
Keesha Mattos Yes but I'm a us citizen so I'm not worried lmfaoMay 10, 2017 07:33am
Keesha Mattos And do u know hawaii is on that list of places that's doing thisMay 10, 2017 07:35am
Keesha Mattos And Hawaii is on the list of places doing this lolMay 10, 2017 07:35am
Richard Doermann Hahahahaha, politics at its finest!!May 10, 2017 07:54am
Herb Rose Alameda ACLU is always wanting to stir up troubleMay 10, 2017 07:55am
Crystal Reed Seriously?! Hawaii too?May 10, 2017 07:57am
Keesha Mattos Yeah try read the bottom of the articleMay 10, 2017 07:58am
Lisa Marie Gallego What a f&$$ing stupid post.. who writes this crap .. they need to be gone.. lame lame lameMay 10, 2017 08:15am
Desiree Sanchez This is so stupid. I have never had any negative experiences. I've been stopped at checkpoints recently and they didn't ask. I feel like this article is written to draw fear from people. Texas is a great place. Yes they did pass a law that allows them to ask your citizenship but it hasn't affected my daily life. Don't be scared! This article just made a something small into something extreme. This is all based on speculation and not experience.May 10, 2017 08:21am
Kazemaru Yukawa-Bacon Not fake news. They just passed a new bill that may change the way anybody with darker skin is treatedMay 10, 2017 08:26am
Alyssa Foster Jennifer L WoodsonMay 10, 2017 08:45am
Mike Kost The ACLU has no credibility and this is an example of why..May 10, 2017 09:48am
Karl Johnson Thats a load of crap. Thats not going to happen. Always negative news!!!May 10, 2017 09:59am
Tamamalosi Dino So there's no racism on Hawaii? I'll grab a snickers and wait.May 10, 2017 10:04am
Tamamalosi Dino I was in Waianae and that black samoan boy Asuega was running for office and some local boys tagged up go home nigger.May 10, 2017 10:08am
Kyler D Booth Mmm ok. Nice way to drive irrational paranoia... Seriously.May 10, 2017 11:05am
Keala Wolf Where in Texas?May 10, 2017 11:46am
Keala Wolf Christine Peterson Pike not really. Rents going high due to lack of inventory.May 10, 2017 11:48am
Jennifer L Woodson What the what? :/May 10, 2017 12:05pm
Kilani Elliot My Hawaiian side loves your comment!!!!! My Scottish side understands and respects your comment!!!!! Much aloha!!!!May 10, 2017 12:39pm
Katherine Brantley Fake newsMay 10, 2017 12:41pm
Andrew Tyler Beckwith Meghan DegeleMay 10, 2017 12:54pm
Reyes Fajardo There goes for the ones the boat for TrumpMay 10, 2017 01:17pm
Reyes Fajardo It's for the people their votes for TrumpMay 10, 2017 01:20pm
Berdon Wayne If you have nothing to hide then there won't be any issuesMay 10, 2017 02:15pm
JW Bee If telling the truth makes you loose respect then tune in to fox. You must be white to even say what you said. Has a Hawaiian and a person that was raised in the mainland I have experience racism. Have you?May 10, 2017 02:17pm
Debbie Wielt Kazemaru Yukawa-Bacon, If you're scared of Texas, please don't go there!!May 10, 2017 02:47pm
Ric E Reed More bullshit from the idiot democrats here in Hawaii!May 10, 2017 04:18pm
Daniel Sanchez Maria S. Fernández-MerloMay 10, 2017 05:14pm
Esther Zamora Kottke You are entitled to your opinion but many of us have a great deal of respect for the work of the ACLU. The ACLU is not creating the divisions in our country; those are all on us. They just represent victims of those divisions.May 10, 2017 06:13pm
Esther Zamora Kottke You sound pretty partisan yourself. And I agree with you that our partisan divide is not helping us. I'm not sure when/if we'll back away from party and all stand for our country. We can just pray and hope for the best.May 10, 2017 06:18pm
Esther Zamora Kottke That's the border patrol; the fear is every little town's sheriffs stopping people because they match a profile. Sure, you'll probably be sent on your way when you show your Hawaii driver license. But nobody likes to be stopped by the town cops because they fit a visual profile.May 10, 2017 06:22pm
Esther Zamora Kottke It's the profiling that is scary.May 10, 2017 06:25pm
Becky Jones Except for the border checkpoints near El Paso, which, oh by the way, have been done for many many decades. This is nothing new. They don't only stop people who look brown. They randomly stop everyone. It happens in New Mexico and Arizona also.May 10, 2017 06:30pm
Esther Zamora Kottke Not exactly true. The Trump administration is asking that local cops check citizenship on all stops. And that they help apprehend undocumented immigrants. It creates a chilling effect in immigrant communities when people are afraid of their own community police. Everyone, including legal immigrants, become afraid of calling the police for help.May 10, 2017 06:31pm
Becky Jones It happens in all the border states. Guess what? Border patrol checkpoints are nothing new, they've been going on for decades.May 10, 2017 06:32pm
Esther Zamora Kottke The changes are recent; we'll see what things look like in a few months.May 10, 2017 06:32pm
Becky Jones Fear of what? Having to show your I.D.?May 10, 2017 06:33pm
Esther Zamora Kottke People are concerned because they are being profiled to show their legal identification. If every citizen was asked the same thing it would be fairer than being targeted because you look Mexican. Most of us get nervous when stopped by the police; most people don't want more stops.May 10, 2017 06:36pm
Esther Zamora Kottke Please explain your position. This post is about profiling. Everyone wants terrorists kept out of the country. The only problem with that is that our recent terrorists have been homegrown.May 10, 2017 06:39pm
Esther Zamora Kottke What is the lie?May 10, 2017 06:40pm
Esther Zamora Kottke That's not what it said.May 10, 2017 06:41pm
Donna Tharp Tipton Not trueMay 10, 2017 06:45pm
Bodil Ekermann She (Kazemaru is Swedish by the way before you judge on the name)is not scared of Texas she was just commented on your postMay 10, 2017 07:02pm
Hikayah Versteeg so sad!!!!!May 10, 2017 08:55pm
Greg McKee Profiling has nothing to do with this - totally a concocted scare tactic. There are people who are trying to manipulate people through fear into giving themselves more power through elections based on lies. Don't allow yourself to be manipulated.May 11, 2017 02:47am
Tanya Adkinson Born and raised in Hawai'i and I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, German & Irish...I had to live in El Paso Texas in 2009 cause my mother-in-law was terminally ill..I rode the greyhound from EP to Sacramento California to visit a friend and when passing through a Immigration stop in Texas, even though I showed my Hawaii drivers license I was still questioned about my ethnicity and where I was from, mind you I was on a bus filled with mostly Hispanics, even the movie that was on was in Spanish with English subtitles, it took me showing my Polynesian and island chain tattoos to finally get them to leave me alone. It was one of tthe worst experiences of my life! So I wouldn't doubt it if this is true.May 11, 2017 12:37pm
JW Bee Well put for a old white ladyMay 11, 2017 05:33pm
Greg McKee Big Island Now isn't compelled to post every article that comes across their desk. They post those they want to spread and ignore those which they do not want to spread. Get a clue. I can disagree with the ACLU and I can also disagree with Big Island Now for trying to spread disinformation and fear. Not that difficult a concept to understand, Brian.May 12, 2017 09:35am

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