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October 05, 2015 07:40am
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U.S. Commander Confirms N. Korea’s Threat to Hawai’i

Posted April 26, 2017, 03:33 PM HST

Admiral Harry Harris, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM), confirmed the threat of North Korea to Hawaiʻi during a House Armed Services Committee hearing today, and detailed potential vulnerabilities that exist within current U.S. missile defense capabilities that could put Hawaiʻi at risk, stated a press release from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s office

Video of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s questions to Admiral Harris below.

Asked by Rep. Gabbard about the threat of North Korea to Hawaiʻi specifically, Admiral Harris stated, “Kim Jong-un is clearly in a position to threaten Hawai’i today, in my opinion… Our ballistic missile architecture is sufficient to protect Hawaiʻi today, but it can be overwhelmed. If Kim Jong-un or someone else launched ballistic missiles—ICBMs—against the United States, we would have to make the decision on which ones to take out or not.”

Following the hearing, Rep. Gabbard said, “Hawaiʻi is home to the largest concentration of U.S. military strategic assets for well over 3,000 miles, making it a prime target for North Korea’s aggression. As I travelled across Hawai’i during my recent statewide town hall tour, I heard from my constituents on every island, their concern about the threat posed by North Korea’s increased nuclear and ballistic missile activity and capabilities that place Hawaiʻi squarely within North Korea’s crosshairs.


“It is the people of Hawaiʻi and our way of life that are at risk if North Korea’s missiles turn towards our shores,” Rep. Gabbard continued. “Admiral Harris’ testimony today affirmed the seriousness of this threat, and highlighted the need to strengthen our current missile defense infrastructure to ensure the defense of Hawai’i. I’m continuing this urgent push to strengthen the protection of Hawaiʻi against the threat that exists today, and the complex threat we know will emerge in the future. I urge my colleagues to take this threat seriously and provide the resources and tools necessary to defend Hawaiʻi against this threat.”

Missile defense has been one of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s top priorities throughout her time in Congress. Last year, she passed two amendments in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)—one to provide funding to begin the process of bringing an MRDR to Hawaiʻi, and the other to require the Missile Defense Agency to brief Congress on their short-term plan to enhance missile defense capabilities in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific—and also questioned then SECDEF Carter and Chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff about the need to increase Hawaiʻi’s missile defense.

Rep. Gabbard has had ongoing conversations and meetings with the Missile Defense Agency director, Vice Admiral James Syring, to discuss possible options for the defense of Hawaiʻi, to deal with short-term and long-term needs. This includes quickly deployable options that are available to further strengthen the existing defensive assets within the state.


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Cindy Elkinton Walker You were just saying..... ~:(April 26, 2017 05:34pm
April Queja First we try to block every executive order we can then we ask for his protection? It's a little too late to get on Trump's good side, Hawaii.April 26, 2017 08:46pm
Kysha Takeya Thank You 😊April 26, 2017 10:45pm
Dania A McClendon US State Department diplomacy might help if Trump has not fired experts there.April 27, 2017 12:48am
Mark Boyle Dumb bitch snowflake, first you wanna bash away at Trump , now when b you get stood up to you want the man's protection? Why don't you call that wuss Obama, frigging go to your safe space and get the hell out of politicsApril 27, 2017 02:17am
Jeff Walsma Ahh bullshit. All u guys do is scare people . I think it's a scare tactic from the far left. U guys will do anything to get rid of President Trump. No mater how corrupt or ilegal it is.April 27, 2017 05:24am
Jacquelyn Paull Hawaii is part of the United States and is entitled to the protection of the military. Any other attitude is mean and vindictive...like Trump.April 27, 2017 06:08am
Michael Hill ^^^^the force is not strong with this ☝️April 27, 2017 08:49am
Marily Sylva Badger For all of you Trump haters out there....He is the first and only president with enough balls to stop this runt once and for all! So stop blocking him!April 27, 2017 09:58am
Phillip Smotherman Tulsi is a twit , take some lessons from Nikki Haley b4 running your mouth.. Tulsi Gabbard quit sticking your slippah in ur 👄 idiots...April 27, 2017 10:34am
Debbie Wielt Tulsi leads as a fear mongering traitor. I would expect a veteran to have some loyalty to our great country. It appears she, like most liberals, doesn't care if a position is right or wrong just as long as it's anti-Trump.April 27, 2017 11:48am
Phillip Smotherman She needs to stop being a follower and go with her heart not her party's agendaApril 27, 2017 12:01pm
Peter Leitch Just ship some da kine pakalolo to N.Korea and tell 'em to chill out,sheeesh.....April 27, 2017 12:02pm
Kami Carter Jesus fucking Christ really??April 27, 2017 04:09pm

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