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October 05, 2015 07:40am
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Crusin’ Keokea Beach Park with Tita Nui

Posted January 27, 2017, 08:31 AM HST


    Keokea Beach Park in North Kohala is not the spot for you if you want to go swimming or float around on an inner tube.

    This boulder beach is surrounded by sea cliffs and the bay not protected by offshore reefs, making it prone to strong currents and rough waters during most of the year.

    The park is located near the 27-mile marker on Highway 270 as you head towards Pololu Valley.

    Local residents over the years have built a breakwater utilizing the boulders on the beach to help improve the conditions in the little cove. There is also a small stream in the park that children enjoy. A word of caution: Make sure the children are kept under the watchful eye of an adult so they do not stray off to the rocks and into dangerous areas.

    With that said, why would you want to visit this beach park? Well besides the fact that it is an amazing place to view waves and watch whales during humpback whale season, it offers some of the best facilities in the North Kohala area. Picnic tables, pavilions, fire pits, barbecue grills, restrooms and showers are all available at this beautiful spot.


    Visit on the weekends or holidays and you will see just how crowded this place can be. The pavilion is often rented by locals as an ideal location to gather in celebration of birthdays, weddings and whatever other occasions that may arise and call for a party.

    The rugged beauty of Keokea beckons one to pause for a moment and enjoy another type of beach—not the usual white sandy beach of Hawai‘i. But this one may give you a greater appreciation of those types of beaches.

    It is an awesome spot to sit and contemplate the mysteries of life, while enjoying the harsh untamed beauty that this region of Hawai’i Island is known for.

    Keokea Beach Park location. Google Maps.

    A beautiful picnic area and showers are available at Keokea Beach Park. Darde Gamayo photo.

    The large pavilion at Keokea Beach Park is a favorite spot for locals to hold their various parties. Darde Gamayo photo.

    At Keokea Beach Park, you will find rugged, wind-swept sea cliffs surrounding the bay. Darde Gamayo photo.

    A small pavilion perched on a little hill at Keokea Beach Park offers a great spot from which to watch waves or whales. Darde Gamayo photo.

    Keokea Beach Park. Darde Gamayo photo.

    A little cove offers at Keokea Beach Park offers a semi-protected swimming area for park goers. Darde Gamayo photo.

    Keokea Beach Park is beautifully maintained by the County of Hawai‘i. Darde Gamayo photo.

    The road to Keokea Beach Park is narrow and winding. Darde Gamayo photo.

    Darde Gamayo
    Darde Gamayo wen graduate from Honoka'a High & Intermediate in 1986. Her also known as “Tita Nui,” cause her one tita en her is nui. Her is da winna of da 2009 Ms. Aloha Nui Contess. Which is wat wen help her get her da job on da numba 1 rayjo station on dis island, KAPA Rayjo! Her is da weeken mid day DJ. You can catch her on KAPA from 6 p.m. to midnight Mondayz true Fridayz. Her is one blhog writah fo da BigIslandNow.com. Her write bout all kine stuffez, like how da mongoose wen come hea, wat collah da sand on da beach, pineapple in yo food and wat eva kine stuff her tink of. Her get choken udda stuff her like fo do like, write, read, go fishin' and her love to cook too... And wen you look at her you no she like fo eat, too! Her stay livin in Waipi‘o Valley with her honey, Darren, and the rest of their ‘ohana.

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    Siaosirichelle Manu My first beach camping spot in kohala .Very beautiful place ..January 27, 2017 09:00am
    Beverly Maragos Good Job Darde Gamayo!January 27, 2017 09:17am
    Elizabeth Freitas Miss that place.January 27, 2017 09:48am
    Lindsay Hesketh Cindy Perez Cary Tozer Think we had our musubi lunch here. Happy Aloha Friday!January 27, 2017 09:53am
    Bonnie Musselman Justin Musselman & Lovi Musselman, weren't we here once? 🌈 💗 😊January 27, 2017 10:57am
    Kristal Lee Lebrado Cabanting we have to go there. It's very prettyJanuary 27, 2017 11:03am
    Judi Northrop Hoffman It was a rainy day, Nuria!!💖🌴January 27, 2017 12:15pm
    Nuria Wells Yes it wasJanuary 27, 2017 01:35pm
    Grace Lloyd Nice wish I could back thereJanuary 27, 2017 01:51pm
    Colleen Lowe Home!!! It warms my❤I did a lot of swimming there & I still have my scares to prove it😊January 27, 2017 02:04pm
    Jolene Carlson The park looks so well maintained. Brings back childhood memories.January 27, 2017 04:52pm
    Marcia Grant Oshita I'd rather keep it our little secret.January 27, 2017 08:15pm
    Dawn Thatcher-White Jaymie WhiteJanuary 28, 2017 01:12am
    Dawn Thatcher-White Shaun ThatcherJanuary 28, 2017 01:12am
    Dawn Thatcher-White Jaden WhiteJanuary 28, 2017 01:12am
    Debi Ard Beautiful! Loved going there!January 28, 2017 01:15am
    Cindy Perez What wonderful memories I have of that trip! Thanks!January 28, 2017 05:12am
    Steph Hansen YesterdayJanuary 28, 2017 07:04am
    Peter Leitch These guys like it there too 😄January 28, 2017 07:35am
    Margaret May Franco Never been there, but as you all know no matter where you go to Hawaii every Island has so many beautiful places to go and enjoy. Aloha Maui girl🌺January 28, 2017 12:08pm
    Ashley Almeida I remember that place as a child, one of my dads friends took his backhoe to kinda clear the rocks in the kiddie cove but that was around 1995/1996. It looks way better now.January 28, 2017 01:41pm

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