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Hawai‘i Asked to Stand Against Discrimination

Posted November 29, 2016, 09:25 AM HST

Big Island Now file photo. Nov. 2016

Big Island Now file photo. Nov. 2016

The Hawaiʻi Civil Rights Commission today announced that Chair Linda Hamilton Krieger called on the people of Hawaiʻi to stand against the reported rise in the incidence of discriminatory harassment and intimidation.

“National reports of a spike in anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim and anti-woman harassment in the wake of the presidential election raise serious concerns,” said Krieger. “But our values are different here in Hawaiʻi and we must be vigilant in protecting them. In our diversity, we must continue to embrace the value of human dignity expressed in the Native Hawaiian saying, ʻaloha aku, aloha maiʻ—to respect and to receive respect. When things get tough, we must resist the temptation to turn on the most vulnerable among us and instead live the value, ʻmālama kekahi i kekahiʻ—to care for one another.”

“In these trying times, minorities face attacks not seen since post-9/11 attacks on Muslims and Arab Americans.” added HCRC Executive Director William Hoshijo. “Those who share a commitment to civil rights must stand up for those who cannot stand alone.”

“It is offensive that proponents of a ‘Muslim registration’ system cite the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans as precedent to justify government targeting of an unpopular minority, in this case based on religion rather than race or ancestry,” said HCRC Commissioner Liann Ebesugawa. “Our Constitution guarantees equal protection of the laws to all. Never again should we make exceptions on the basis of race, national origin or religion.”


The Hawaiʻi Civil Rights Commission is responsible for enforcing, and will enforce, state civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and state-funded services. The HCRC stands in opposition to discriminatory harassment, whether in schools, workplaces, places of business or in our communities.

If you feel you have been subjected to discrimination or harassment because of your race, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, sex, including gender identity or other prohibited bases, contact the HCRC at  (808) 586-8636 or email DLIR.HCRC.INFOR@hawaii.gov.

For more information, go to the HCRC webpage.


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Donald Klees And just how many of them are real!? Do you or anyone else know considering ALL of the things that the MSM has tried to stick on Trump that were lies. This is very likely to be more of the same considering President-Elect Trump's acceptance speech. If I see the proof of all of this being real I will accept it but NOT on mere accusations alone.November 29, 2016 10:02am
Doug Willaman There have been 2 episodes in my neighborhood this month that were caught on camera showing a white woman screaming at African American employees (one at a coffee shop and one at a craft store) repeatedly shouting "I voted for Trump" and then screaming racial obscenities. It's not a benign issue.November 29, 2016 12:00pm
Doug Willaman http://www.rawstory.com/2016/11/i-voted-for-trump-so-there-white-shopper-melts-down-after-black-workers-ask-her-to-pay-for-bag/November 29, 2016 12:03pm
Joyce Louden Not in Hawaii though.November 29, 2016 01:35pm
Doug Willaman Let's hope it stays that way!November 29, 2016 01:40pm
Russ Gaefe Shame on the #Trumpchumps!November 29, 2016 02:24pm
Byron Matthews Let me know when white people start chasing down and beating blacks. Right now interracial violence is pretty much a black on white one way streetNovember 29, 2016 03:08pm
Byron Matthews I call bullshitNovember 29, 2016 03:08pm
Keturah Elizabeth Let me know when 200 unemployed violent white people block your road from getting home. Get a damn clueNovember 29, 2016 03:16pm
Keturah Elizabeth Big island now...supporting liberal bullshit while the hawaiians are homeless. Good job!!!!!November 29, 2016 03:17pm
Keturah Elizabeth Its a liberal agend created for blakc on white hate. Creating racism that never existed. If you want whites to hate your doing a good job because it wasnt a problem until obama. Meanwhile, dems still causing racism and homeless hawaiiNovember 29, 2016 03:19pm
Keturah Elizabeth Hahaha. Not.November 29, 2016 03:19pm
Russ Gaefe Nothing like someone that has the response of an 8 year old. smh Typical #TrumpdummyNovember 29, 2016 03:50pm
Scott Camps People are responsible for their own actions, not elected officialsNovember 29, 2016 04:23pm
Jeffrey Cox Byron Matthews you are correct. White on black crime is considered a hate crime. Black on white is considered reparations or dismantling of white privilege.November 29, 2016 04:37pm
John S Spurlock And Hawaii isn't accepting immigrantsNovember 29, 2016 05:20pm
Michael Hill I voted for Trump. Your welcome. ✝️🇺🇸November 29, 2016 05:33pm
McAlpine Melody Seriously? This state doesn't defend women and children and you focus on people of other races? How about defending women and children first then tackle other cultures?November 29, 2016 06:01pm
Lottie Tagupa Oh please! Get off your lazy butts and do reporting of the newsworthy kindNovember 29, 2016 07:33pm
John Scanlon More B.S.November 29, 2016 08:09pm
Mike Elliott Validation?November 29, 2016 09:29pm
Chris Welch Because Hawaii is well known for racial tolerance. Regards, Freak'n HaolesNovember 30, 2016 07:38am

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