Hawai’i Ranked as 10th Eco-Friendliest State

April 20, 2015, 1:20 PM HST (Updated April 20, 2015, 1:24 PM)

Hawai’i has been ranked 10th overall in WalletHub’s study, 2015 Most and Least Eco-Friendly States.

In addition to being ranked in the top 10, Hawai’i was ranked fifth in ecofriendly behaviors.

The study also ranked Hawai’i 18th in environmental quality.

Conducted using 14 key metrics, the study compared each state in areas including health of the current environment and the environmental impact of people’s daily habits. This data was compiled using government sources and independent scientific organizations.

Hawai’i made it at number five for highest water quality and ranked number two in the list of highest number of green buildings per capita. The state was also listed as number four on the list of lowest energy consumption per capita and number two when it came to the lowest gasoline consumption.

The numbers in certain categories for the state weren’t always chart topping. According to the study Hawai’i ranked last, number 50, for highest total municipal solid waste per capita, but ranked just above average, 26th, for the percentage of municipal solid waste recycled.

In the study, environmental quality considered the current state of the environment in each area and eco-friendly behaviors were evaluated by environmental impact of population habits.





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