Infant death In Kona Reclassified As Murder

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Police Department Building
File photo.

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  • Justin Sage

    So meanwhile, a murderer is freely wandering around.

  • Idiot watch

    What is your point, Guest? You sound so intelligent with your comment, or should I say you think you are. Go get a clue before posting comments like that.

    • I am

      Guest makes a valid point; a murderer is walking around free. Guest should try and remember that in a society created and composed of free people, the rule of law sometimes is slow, but hopefully effective. And you have demonstrated another point; that no matter how hard we try we can not remove all emotion from our criminal justice system. As humans it is impossible to be uncaring and impartial when dealing with the murder of a child, except for the, thankfully, few sick, people who murder their fellow man.

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