Police to Hold ‘Active Shooter’ Presentation in Kona

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Police to Hold 'Active Shooter' Presentation in Kona
The pavilion at the Old Kona Airport in Kailua-Kona will be the venue for an "active shooter" presentation later this month. File photo.

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  • conspiracy_fact

    We obviously have crime on this island, but is anyone here on the BI actually worried about a scenario like this coming to pass? A mass shooting at PKP? Or Costco? I think it highly unlikely.

    Nevertheless, this “meeting” concerns me. On the mainland there has been one staged event after another (Aurora movie theater, Sandy Hook, Boston marathon bombing, the latest Ft. Hood shooting, the Navy yard shooting, the Fed Ex shooting, etc.). Are we being prepped for a false flag right here in paradise?

    Wake up ya’ll. The tell-lie-vision isn’t the place to get your “news.” Do your homework. There is plenty of evidence that proves all these events were faked. Ditto for the Malaysian Air 370. I am angry, I am scared for my kids and I don’t like being lied to. Do you?

    You can ridicule my assertions, but if you don’t look into any of these events and find out the truth on your own, you are fooling yourself and you are not going to be ready when the next “drill” at your kids school happens to “go live.”

    • False_Flag

      “Police said an ‘active shooter’ presentation will be made in East Hawaii at a future date.” Hope it’s not like the one before the Aurora movie theater shooting. Or Sandy Hook. Or the high school in Centennial, CO. Those all strangely “went live.” What a funny coincidence.

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