Pacific Biodiesel Closes Maui Plant, Shifts to Kea`au

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pacific biodiesel commercial crushing mill
Pacific Biodiesel's commercial crushing mill in Kea`au, Hawai`i. PBT image.

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  • Kona Richard

    So correct me if I’m wrong , it will be in there best interest to ship the waste oil to Hawaii Island or Oahu. So skirting the issue Maui county has with them, they chose to ship it over here to Kea’au and let Hawaii county deal with it. So this is an Eco friendly thing they do (making Bio diesel) why don’t they step up and do the right thing? I would bet they have received most of there subsidized funding from Government (read you and Me) now there may not be anymore coming. You Think.

    • zmansgal

      Okay, I’ll correct you. Hawaii County isn’t dealing with the waste oil
      from Maui County. It is being shipped to Hilo so it can be processed
      into biodiesel in Kea’au. The eco friendly thing this company is doing
      is keeping these waste products out of the state’s landfills and
      producing clean energy locally for use in Hawaii. And that is a GOOD thing!

      • Byron

        seems like it might defeat the purpose to ship it, as you’re burning diesel in the process.

  • Jose Martinez

    maybe some one can come up with a oil bait for fire ants.that would help every one,and create jobs.

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