Hawaii Makes Top Ten in 2013 LEEDS Ranking

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Hawaii Makes Top Ten in 2013 LEEDS Ranking
The North Kohala Public Library in Kapaau was awarded a Gold LEED certification for its environmentally conscious design and operation. DAGS image.

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  • Carl

    I think our priorities are kinda screwy. We have more people on welfare than actually working, our schools are an abysmal failure, we consistently rank at the bottom in business friendliness. But hey, we got solar panels. Which is due in large part to the fact we pay the 4 times the national average for our electric; which has absolutely nothing to do with our 1 party state and cronyism. Keep voting democrat, sheep

    • Mr.Chinpo

      What, voting Republican is a better alternative? A recent YouGov.com poll shows that 71% of those who voted for Obama in 2012 now regret doing so. However, 80% of those who regret their Obama vote say they would do it again if Romney was the alternative. And this is problem: In AmeriKKKa, we sheeple only have the illusion of choice. We are told to choose between Obama or Romney. We have only the illusion of freedom. We are “free” to choose between one of two puppets who represent the corporatist interests that are subverting our freedoms, our liberty, our democracy and our way of life. Carl, I strongly suspect you are a paid disinformation agent. If not, your use of the word “sheep” is comically ironic and highly hypocritical.

      • carl

        whats with the KKK in America? The KKK was created by the DNC and it was the Democrats who put the Japanese in intern camps, it was the Democrats who wrote segregation law, blocked blacks from schools, hosed them down and it was the Democrats who were spying on MLK. It’s the DNC who’s putting Planned Parenthood clinics in mostly black neighborhoods, an institution created by a well known racist. Don’t lump the whole country in with your reprobate party.

        • Mr.Chinpo

          AmeriKKKa became “great” as a result of genocide and slave labor. The Democrats did not invent either of those atrocities. And stop assuming I voted for Obama or that I am a Democrat. I did not and I am not. Anyone who believes in parties or labels (conservative/liberal) or needs leaders to tell them what to do is missing the boat entirely. Ironic that a freedom-lover like you doesn’t get that.

  • carl

    They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting a different result.
    Am I suggesting voting GOP? NO, I’m saying vote Conservative; small and limited government.

    Right now, we pay people FULL TIME to sit around and draft up new laws to regulate our lives. Does that even make sense? The Democrat party is not what it once was, it’s made up of nothing but radical 60’s liberals who don’t believe in our constitution, they believe in government control, they are socialists. The Republican party hates conservatives as much as the Left does, because they don’t want to see government get any smaller or less powerful either.

    Am I paid to comment on BIN? No, I’m self-employeed and I’m just sick of watching my country being destroyed

    • Mr.Chinpo

      Carl, you consistently post comments that are at best tangential to the article in question. You are clearly pushing a specific point of view. You keep harping on the same points (welfare, etc.). These are standard pubic relations (propaganda) techniques. I think it’s great news that Hawaii is among the top 10 environmentally responsible builders in the country. Not sure what any of this has to do with socialism, welfare or voting for conservatives…maybe you forgot to take your meds?

      • carl

        Ya I’m pushing for freedom. Are you thick or something? What does environmentally responsible building have anything to do with anything? It’s not going to create any jobs, it’s not going to make us any more free, it’s not going to stop Democrats from paying people to not work. We have more people on welfare (NOT contributing) than working. Are you happy with that? Do you like seeing a generation of wasted potential, just for the benefit of the Democrat party?
        We have an obesity problem in America and ballooning foodstamp use, are you making the connection yet?
        Do you realize public schools cost roughly twice as much as private, per student, per year? Do you really like the idea of government “educating” kids? Did you learn nothing from history or are you so blinded by ideological dogma?
        You are likely a lost cause but I sure hope a few readers will start to think for themselves and not vote for the next lei wearing commie to run for office in Hawaii

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