BLOG: Battle of the Big Isle Burger Joints

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This $7.99 beauty from Kohala Burger and Taco is a staff favorite.
This $7.99 beauty from Kohala Burger and Taco is a staff favorite.

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Posted By Monica Aguilar on February 14, 2014 10:45 pm
No Annie's Burgers? Why?
Posted By Courtney Horn on February 14, 2014 11:31 pm
Try the Tuscan burger at Pueo's Osteria! The BEST burger ever!
Posted By Rado BD on February 15, 2014 12:24 am
Jus Pound in Keaau is the best that I have had on the Big Island.
Posted By Larkin Correia on February 15, 2014 5:18 am
Kaleo's in Pahoa has great burgers.


  • BigIsleBoy

    Cronies, Ma’ona, Liko Lehua, & Hapa Mama’s all have better burgers than Hilo Burger Joint.

    • Guest

      HBJ was a RIPOFF!!! Big time! Would rather eat a burger from 7-11. They charge like its a Vegas strip burger palace but deliver day old McDonalds quality. Water down soda and they must be using the same fry oil because we ate there months ago and it tasted a year old then as well. After the check arrived from our way to busy to refill our glass with watered down soda, server we felt sick to our stomach. A combination of bad food and high prices. Never again.

  • Byron

    I don’t know how anyone has anything bad to say about hilo burger joint, they’re not expensive and the burgers are great. The staff is nice and it’s got a great atmosphere.
    I eat out in hilo every day, it’s great to have an alternative to the plate lunch.

    • bob smith

      Soggy burgers. Cold fries. Welted letuce. Shouldn’t have to ask for onions. Weren’t sweet or red.
      Beers good. Drink enough, you won’t care about the burger.

    • Guest

      The atmosphere is great if you were raised in a dark smelly cave. And the price is right if the food was any good but since it’s the same or was than fast food they should charge accordingly…… about half what they do now. Then maybe people would come if they’re in the mood for a half priced stomach ache.

      • Guest

        Sorry, WORSE than….. Stupid auto correct:)

  • yomama

    Ultimate Burger is the worst I have had here so far. They need to rename it Penultimate Burger. Like the Back to the 50s burgers in Laupahoehoe, though.

    Looking forward to your next well-researched blog post about the best place to get two scoops of rice and a scoop of mac salad.

    • KLH

      Liko lehua best east side burger
      Maona close 2nd will be sure to try hapa mamas

  • Robert Ferrari

    I’m willing to pay a bit more for a good burger and have yet to find it. Ultimate isn’t, very dry and their fries leave much to be desired, too thin, too many end pieces ( I suspect the cook is eating the center cuts ). Wouldn’t it be nice if they let you apply the condiments and forget their “special sauce”, eeyew. I’m heading to Waimea Friday.

    • Carolle

      Ya didn’t mention Blue Dragon? I give them 4 stars. Also Banji’s, and Kona Brew. Can I go too?

      • Robert Ferrari

        I’ll add them to the list and make a point of a couple of road trips, thanks for the information.