BLOG: Ige Looking to Lock Down Tax-Free Pensions

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BLOG: Ige Looking to Lock Down Tax-Free Pensions
Sen. David Ige is looking to have voters decide the state's pension-taxing future. Courtesy photo.

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  • vet2640

    Please do not “tax” my pension, I and others like me have paid into the system for thirty, forty, fifty and more years! What more do you want? BLOOD?

  • Over it

    I’m so sick of paying taxes when about a third of the population doesn’t contribute squat. C’mon, everyone needs to pitch in. Why is it, the people who refuse to work, get the best healthcare for free, more food stamps than they could ever use, free housing and even free spending money? That’s bull! We need a little more social Darwinism

    • Mr.Chinpo

      People who refuse to work? Are you aware that the U.S. economy is about to collapse, unemployment is off the charts and the only jobs available are low-wage, part-time positions with no benefits? And are you aware that the people who “refuse to work” didn’t create these conditions, most of then are a victim of them?

      Your premise that life on EBT, welfare and section 8 housing is so carefree and wonderful is patently absurd. Why don’t you try it for a while and see how great it is?

      Fcuk off troll.

      • overit

        so you’re telling me a third of the population is out looking for work while the State reports we’re at 4.4% unemployment?

        • Mr.Chinpo

          I’m saying that EVEN IF you are a wage slave, you can’t make ends meet, thus the need for supplements.

          And as far as those unemployment numbers go, they don’t count people who have been unemployed long-term or who have given up looking for a job altogether (because there are so few jobs here on island that pay a living wage).

          But you go ahead and believe everything your leaders tell you. The government never lies, right?

          • Overit

            Wage slave? What country do you live in? North Korea? Get self employed, work two jobs, three if you have to. No one needs the government, they need to be self-reliant.

            Do you know why you don’t feed wild animals? Because they become dependent and stop hunting for their own food. What these “supplements” do is dehumanize us and turn us into wards of the state. Not cool or compassionate.

          • Mr.Chinpo

            wow…you are really naive.

  • Maloha

    First of all, approximately 50% of the population pays no Federal income tax…these are the takers. Second,Hawaii’s welfare payments in total equate to approximately $60 k per year..the highest in the US. No one wants to see the truly needy on the streets looking for food. But, when does personal responsibility come into play? What life choices did they make that landed them to that place? Take school seriously? Sit around doing dope and partying with the gang? Just had to have that baby at 16 to feel loved and grown up? Or did they look at alternatives like joining the Service and getting a career and skill started? For those that put themselves in the dumps I say no $ for you. Let your family take care of you. For some like battered women and children I’ll open up my wallet.

    • Mr.Chinpo

      And what do you get for paying your taxes? More wars? NSA spying? Elected officials that don’t care a whit about your best interests? And “join the military” is not an option for people who don’t want to relinquish their personal sovereignty and kill or die because someone orders them to. Hawaii is unique in the U.S. because we are geographically isolated. This isloation severely limits opportunities. There are very few decent paying jobs outside Honolulu and not everyone is a entrepreneurial genius. Education fails most Americans. The lack of quality vocational education is also a problem. Yes, drugs and pregnancy are also problems, but who brings the drugs into the country? It’s the CIA, the very government you pay your taxes to. Good luck taxpayer, and God bless the United States of America. The greatest country on Earth, filled with exceptional human beings like you. Were that we were all as obedient and acquiescent as you, this would be a vastly different country…

      • Guest

        The CIA bring in the drugs?
        Sorry but can you take your tinfoil hat off while you’re talking to adults?

        • Mr.Chinpo

          Fine. Don’t take my word for it. I encourage everyone who doubts to simply Google “CIA drug trafficking” and do your homework. Or you can keep calling people names…which is more “adult”?

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