Police Say Wanted Hilo Man Armed and Dangerous

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Police Say Wanted Hilo Man Armed and Dangerous
Keahi Sale. HPD photo.

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  • Joseph Bugado

    police he looks like a nice guy very young and hansome i hope the judge give him a break so he can join the U S ARMY

    • zpacleb .

      Wrong… This guy is my step-sister’s ex-b/f and babies’ dad. He is an abuser. Kidnapped her at knife-point. On top of all of that he used to use her car while she was at work to pick up other girls. He alienated her from her family while they were together. He belongs in prison.

    • zpacleb .

      By the way he has already been to jail. Came out still the same guy. He shouldn’t even get the privilege of living an expense-free life in jail. But that’s the only place he belongs if he’s still alive

    • The_Verdict

      Joseph you are probably one of the biggest of idiots I have ever seen string together words and claim it to be a form of communication. This guy literally is a terrible person.

  • Joseph Bugado

    hey verdict this is america a free country freedom of speach so your the stupid one

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