Condemnation Underway to Extend Newly Named Ali`i Drive

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Condemnation Underway to Extend Newly Named Ali`i Drive
This modified Google Maps image shows the approximate pathway (red line) of the Ali`i Drive extension from Haleki`i Street in Kealakekua to the Napoopoo Road junction in Captain Cook.

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  • Bob

    The thing about a bypass is it has to connect to the section of road it is bypassing, and at both ends.

    The Mamalahoa Bypass famously connects Mamalahoa Highway at neither end.
    Though maybe in a few years it will connect at the south end.

    Renaming the ‘bypass’ as a ‘drive’ is presumably a quiet admission that
    the connection at the north end will never be built, and the road will
    never be the intended bypass.

    When the south end is complete the County will be able to say the road
    is finished, but only because it quietly moved the finish line.

  • Aaron Stene


    The county is in process of acquiring the last 5 parcels which will makeup the new Napoopoo Junction intersection. The right of way for rest of the southern segment, which is 2.05 miles long is already in place. Phase 2 of the bypass should go out to bid in early 2014 and take 18 months to complete.

  • Scott

    I know the plans for this intersection at Napoopoo Mamalahoa junction, as it is Hokulia ‘ s original plan. Northbound traffic will remain the same, going around the bend as it does now. But the southbound Mamalahoa road will connect to the intersection at Napoopoo rd with a traffic light. So instead of the steady flow uphill now you will have to stop at that light and turn left to resume South bound on Mamalahoa, or go straight down Napoopoo, or turn right to head to Alii Dr. If they used underpasses/overpasses here I think traffic would flow better. It seems this intersection will make traffic worse at Pau Hana. But one good thing is the intersection will be safer than the present Napoopoo junction.

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