Talk to Focus on Effects of Climate Change on Peace

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Talk to Focus on Effects of Climate Change on Peace
University of Hawaii law professor Maxine Burkett, shown above, will speak on the potential for conflict from migration caused by climate change. Courtesy photo.

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  • Byron

    Never mind that the planet hasn’t warmed in 15 years, lets just keep repeating the lie often so people will believe it.

    • Sean

      Yeah, right. Hey, you should buy property in Greenland, since it the ice sheet there will soon be gone, there are some great real estate opportunities for people like you! Just don’t buy too close to the shoreline…

      • Guest

        Wait, I thought Obama was gonna lower the seas and heal the planet?

      • Guest

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! What a moron! I bet you donated to help make that lying sack AlGore rich off his BS climate change hoax didn’t you? In 2007 he said he said ” his” experts had shown through computer models that the Earth would be 5degrees hotter by the end of 2012. Still waiting for you global warming fools to be right at least once.

  • Jeribaal

    Will they be serving cool-aid

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