Masagatani Confirmed to Head Hawaiian Homes Commission

March 8, 2013, 3:13 PM HST (Updated March 8, 2013, 3:15 PM) · 0 Comments

The state Senate today confirmed Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s selection of Jobie Masagatani as the chairperson of the Hawaiian Homes Commission.

Masagatani has a diverse background, most recently serving as the public policy program manager at the state Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

She began her career as a budget examiner in the federal Office of Management and Budget before returning to Hawaii in 1990 to work as a land investment analyst for Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate.

Several years later, she worked as a project manager for the University of Hawaii before serving as the Hawaiian Homes Commission’s deputy director from 1995-2002.

She has also worked as an executive for The Queen’s Health Systems where she helped develop a strategic plan to address native Hawaiian health issues.

Masagatani  has a master’s degree in public affairs and urban and regional planning from Princeton Univesity and a bachelor of science degree in education from Northwestern University.

“Jobie is well qualified to serve the people of Hawaii and the constituents of the Hawaiian Homes Commission,” said Senate Majority Leader Brickwood Galuteria, who serves as chair of the Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs and Tourism.  “I am confident that she has the vision and commitment to carry out the mission of the Department of Hawaiian Homelands.”


The Hawaiian Homes Commission is the executive board overseeing the DHHL. It has nine members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.

The Big Island’s representatives on the commission are Ian Lee Loy for East Hawaii and Leimana DaMate for West Hawaii.



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