Fire Damages Kitchen at Waikoloa Village Golf Club

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The Waikoloa Village Golf Club. Google Street View image.
The Waikoloa Village Golf Club. Google Street View image.

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Posted By Donna Grabow on February 18, 2013 7:09 pm
An unbelievable email sent out by Hilo (Hawaii) school librarian to prevent peace speaker, Jim Albertini from giving a presentation to the students. The librarian's argument is that she might 'be forced out of her work site.' Ironically, she might be in trouble for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of speech. I hope that the American Civil Liberties Union will be investigating this. As a school teacher, our job is to encourage critical thinking. But nowadays, the trend (by Dept of Education and cabal) seems to have shifted the philosophy of the importance of obeying, and not to question authority. "... the speaker is a “well known activist”, and (I now find out that) the topic is the military. As a “military mom”, I request that the speaker stick to the topic as described here, and not deviate to personal negative opinions/attacks on the military, its actions, or its presence anywhere, with instructions on how students can or should protest the military, etc. in any manner. I can’t opt out of my library and be forced out of my own work site and I won’t be subjected to anti-military speeches as had once occurred w/another speaker in here. http://www.ilind.net/2013/02/17/controversy-brewing-over-academic-freedom-at-hilo-high-school/#comments