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OPINION: In Hawaii, It Doesn’t Pay to be Caandid

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OPINION: In Hawaii, It Doesn't Pay to be Caandid
Hawaii Five-0 actor Scott Caan recently got himself in hot water here.

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  • Emma

    The writer is calling out Scott for making comments about the people of Hawaii yet makes a sweeping generalization that those in CA don’t give a damn. Many in Hawaii take issue with Scott saying their food sucks but take no issue with many in Hawaii commenting nastily about “haoles”. So, pot meet kettle. Let’s move on.

    • Hank_1

      Apology accepted but please don’t tell us you love Hawaii and the people (or don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining – from the Outlaw Josey Wales).


    Your articles are right-on Nate!

    So Caan says he likes a faster paced lifestyle and has different tastes in food and he gets attacked by the ultra-racist, hyper-sensitive “locals”. That doesn’t surprise me one bit. Now watch, he will not even be able to go out and surf without getting a good beating, or at the least run off the beach, with “locals” shouting, “Get off our beach, get off our island, Go back to da mainland”. All because he is a high-energy guy who has a different taste in food. Sad.

    Hawaii is the only place on earth where you could live here your whole life as a Caucasian and never be a “local”. It has a completely different meaning on the islands. It’s all about race.

    (link removed)

  • 808 Transplant

    People relocate every day for their career this does not
    necessarily mean you have to love the location. I hope everyone in Hawaii realizes
    that Hawaii 5-0 brings in millions of dollars to the island economy in addition
    it showcases the beauty of the islands nationally, consequently bringing in tourism
    dollars. Bashing the island like he did is not a good
    way to make friends, but that is HIS opinion. He has even stated his dislike
    for the islands on the show, so it should not be a total surprise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keola78 Jessica Conol

    I live in Hawaii

  • me

    Glad to hear that the “Aloha Spirit” is alive and well in Hawaii. Aloha means “we’ll tolerate you as long as you agree with us 100%” right?

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