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LETTER: Kona Coffee, the New Champagne

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Kona Coffee Cherries
Researchers have just discovered a new threat to Hawaii's coffee industry and need help finding out how far it may have spread. Courtesy photo.

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  • http://www.konacoffeebuzz.com/ Konacoffeebuzz

    I couldn’t agree more. With any business the primary concern should be maintaining brand image. To use your car metaphor, GM used to put “Chevy” car shells on Suzuki cars (Chevy Metro) and their brand hasn’t really recovered from it.
    Likewise for Kona to really grow in the gourmet coffee industry it needs a reliable experience for people to talk about and share with others. The sooner this happens the better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cheryl.sanderhill Cheryl Sanderhill

    Yes. And the Hawaii Farmers Union United is asking the Governor to veto this stupid bill, drafted by the coffee blender interests. Well said – I love the 10% Ferrari quote.

  • http://twitter.com/BlueHorseKona Blue Horse Kona

    The Hawaiian tourist & restaurant industry needs to serve huge amounts of Kona coffee to their guests. There’s not enough real 100% Kona coffee for them and it’s considered too expensive! The hotels and restaurants get the fake 10% Kona Blends + coffee pump pots basically for free in exchange for liquor contracts–the “10%” and the word “blend” never appears on the menus.

    Hey, as long as our money-dropping tourists can be duped & exploited, the Hawaiian government will sell the local agriculture to the dogs. But with farm tours, smarter tourists, and more interest in coffee more visitors figure it out by themselves. Plenty of them are turning their anger to the trip booking agent, hotel managers, restaurant staff and store clerks.

    Think about it: An authentic farm doesn’t have to spend time & effort to fake being real. We farmers will prevail any shoddy government legislation just by being honest.

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